David Herman

Twenty-two-year-old David Herman began racing in 1996. Since then, BMX racing has been his greatest passion. “I have seen the world through BMX and have raced my bike on six different continents. I love what BMX has brought to my life and I enjoy every moment I’m able to it.”

Birth Date:May 9, 1988
Hometown:Wheat Ridge Colorado
Passions/Hobbies:BMX Racing, traveling, tennis, going to sporting events, golf, basketball, movies. . .
Career Accomplishments:2011: 2nd USAC National Championships, 7th UCI World Cup South Africa
2009: 1st UCI World Cup Adelaide, Australia, 1st UCI World Cup Frejus, France 
2008: Ranked 3rd AA Pro 
2007: ABA Pro Rookie of the Year
Two-time ABA Number 1 Amateur

Olympic Goals:My goals through 2012 are to continue to progress and stay healthy through the Olympic Games in London. I want to be an Olympian in 2012 and win a medal.
Riding Style:My riding style has changed in recent years. I am now more focused on staying smooth and executing efficient form rather then trying to be stylish. The image I put off at the races would be easy going and approachable while maintaining a balance of focus and seriousness for the days events. My training is what holds the key to what I want to accomplish in BMX. Within my training program lies the belief system that I can make my dreams become reality. I’m 100 percent invested in my coach and myself.
Frame/Bike:Right now I’m riding an Intense Podium Pro XL frame. After riding many bikes on the market I can honestly say I’m happy to be currently riding the best bike I’ve ever ridden. I love the response I get out of the gate with the stiff rear end. My bike is loaded top to bottom with the best Sinz, THE and Profile components. The custom purple and white paint job gives my bike a unique flavor that catches everyone’s eyes.
After BMX:After BMX I would like to finish school. One day I would like to become a physical therapist with a background in sports medicine and eventually raise a family in Colorado.
Current Team:Factory Intense
Current Sponsors:Intense BMX, Sinz Elite, THE, Sinz, ITS, Fly Racing, Profile, and Sidi.