Brian Kirkham

Brian Kirkham – Intense Team Rider

Birth Date:Jan. 1, 1986
Hometown:Adelaide, South Australia
Height:182 cm (5’ 10″)
Passions/Hobbies:Riding bikes of any kind, training, chilling with mates, live music, living the dream and recently my veggie garden
Career Accomplishments:3 times Australian National Series Champion
2 time Pacific Oceania Series Champion
7th France World Cup
7th World Jnr Elite Men
1 time World Amateur Champion
6 times National Amateur Champion
Goals Through 2012:Keep achieving my short-term goals and improving my world ranking to achieve my long-term goal of a medal at the London Olympics.
Riding Style:Straight, stiff and strong. I put in the hard work training and I’m a nice guy.
Frame/Bike:Custom Intense Podium Pro XL+ with dialed componentry. It’s fast!
Future Goals:If I put as much time and energy into making money as I’m putting into BMX at the moment, I should be rich in no time.
Current Team:Australian HPP/Intense
Current Sponsors:Cycling Australia, Intense, THE, Sinz Elite, Tioga, Stealth, Thomson, Alienation, LKI