Arille Martin

Arille Martin has been riding since she was 2 1/2 years old, and competed in her first BMX race at the age of 5. She was nationally ranked at 10. She has been competing for 17 years, and is not slowing down. Martin is training hard to make the 2012 Olympic team.BIOBirth Date:July 30, 1985Hometown:Cedar Hills, UtahHeight:5′ 5″ (165 cm)Passions/Hobbies:Studying the human body, health and nutritionCareer Accomplishments:2010: 3rd ABA Summer Nationals; 2nd Great Salt Lake Nationals/2nd Great Salt Lake Nationals; 2nd Black Jack Nationals/3rd Black Jack Nationals; 7th UCI Supercross Series
2009: UCI World Championships Bronze Medalist 
2008: UCI Supercross World Cup Champion; 2nd UCI Adelaide World Cup; Qualified for Chula Vista OTC resident athlete program
2007: Awarded USA Cycling Podium Program Athlete 
2006: USOC Operation Gold recipient; ABA National No. 3 Overall Women’s Pro; 6th UCI World Championships Sao Paulo, Brazil
2005: ABA National No. 3 Overall Women’s Pro; NBL National No. 3 Overall Elite Woman
2004: ABA National No. 2 Overall Women’s Pro; NBL National No. 3 Overall Elite Woman
2003: NBL National No. 2 Overall Elite Woman; ABA National No. 6 Overall Women’s Pro
Olympic Dreams:With lifelong aspirations of wanting to become an Olympic athlete, when the 2002 Olympic Winter Games were named to Salt Lake City, Utah, Arielle began her pursuit to become an Olympian by trying out for the U.S. Luge Team. However, her passion was always her bike, so when BMX was added as an Olympic sport, she set her sights on Beijing, China. Arielle just missed making the 2008 Olympic Team and is training for London 2012. Her husband was deployed to Afghanistan in February 2008—they both represent their country in unique capacities.Riding Style:Arielle is one of the most aggressive and skilled female riders on the U.S. BMX Team. A natural sprinter and strong technical rider, Arielle excels at the Supercross-style course. She came off some injuries from 2006 but has shown great results. Not even a crushed liver, bruised lungs, internal bleeding, a broken back or a torn ACL held her down. She has bounced back higher than ever to become only the third woman in BMX history to land a back flip. She prides herself on being the first female to try any new trick.Frame/Bike:A graduate of Brigham and Young University, she majored in Exercise Science. Fascinated with how the body works, she has plans to go back to school for her Master’s Degree and PhD so she can work with athletes.Current Team:Factory IntenseCurrent Sponsors:Intense BMX, THE, Sinz Elite, ITS, Fly Racing, Profile, Sidi, Leatt