The F-1 bicycle specific shorts, cut below the knee, incorporate many of the same features in our full racing pants including anatomical design, a seamless crotch and a contoured pad. Made with stretch nylon the F-1 shorts have a tailbone pad, 2 vented pockets and can be adjusted using the side cinch belt. F-1 shorts are designed to be comfortable throughout the pedal stroke and are beautifully detailed with chrome and carbon logos.

Adult Black 30 Part#: TRSB-0-30
Adult Black 32 Part#: TRSB-0-32
Adult Black 34 Part#: TRSB-0-34
Adult Black 36 Part#: TRSB-0-36
Adult Black 38 Part#: TRSB-0-38
Adult White 30 Part#: TRSW-0-30
Adult White 32 Part#: TRSW-0-32
Adult White 34 Part#: TRSW-0-34
Adult White 36 Part#: TRSW-0-36
Adult White 38 Part#: TRSW-0-38