Mud Flaps

Keeping flying mud out of your face and eyes during wet riding is even easier now with the new THE Mud Flaps. Simply attach a mud flap between the fork crown and brake bridge of any suspension fork and a grime-free smile is virtuallyguaranteed. Made of neoprene and sturdy vinyl, these elastomeric crud deflectors come in four sizes to fit all suspension forks currently on the market. Five hook-and-loop fasteners loop through reinforced slots ensuring reliable ripfree attachment to the forks. Carbon and chrome THE Torch logos add a touch of elegance.

Mud Flap Small – 100mm Fork Part#: TMF-0-6
Mud Flap Medium- 140mm Fork Part#: TMF-0-7
Mud Flap Large – 180mm Fork Part#: TMF-0-8
Mud Flap X-Large- 200mm Fork Part#: TMF-0-9