Lil’ Snappers Clip Shoe

Lil’ Snapper shoes are made specifically for kids. Offered in sizes 1 -through 8, they feature a triple-hook-and-loop strap retention system, breathable mesh uppers with a carbon-look rand and heal cup. A proprietary sole provides plenty of clearance for clipping in and out, while the molded soles and tread pattern make walking a breeze.

Size 1 Part#: TCKS-0-1
Size 2 Part#: TCKS-0-2
Size 3 Part#: TCKS-0-3
Size 4 Part#: TCKS-0-4
Size 5 Part#: TCKS-0-5
Size 6 Part#: TCKS-0-6
Size 7 Part#: TCKS-0-7
Size 8 Part#: TCKS-0-8